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VCM Update History

Version 6.0 has been released! UPDATES & ADDITIONS 07/01/2013

Appointment Event Calendar:  An appointment calendar and reminder section for general use is now located within the front screen.  You can add appointments using an intuitive ‘Outlook’ like calendar with various views.  You can also add appointments using the VCM standard way; a faster way to work.  We also included an “Appointment/Reminder” section within each case…tracking all your cases appointments & reminders specific to each case.  Create appointments for you, other users or make group appointments.  These appointments can be emailed to users with a link within to assist with updating 3rd party calendars and or mobile devices.

Image Driven Interface / (GUI) Updated:  In 2013 we decided to update our interface, whereas we are now an image driven interface; where much of the software industry headed.  Mobile devices, tablets and newer operating systems have recently been released, with the industry standard focusing on an easy to use image based driven interface.  VCM found it essential to follow, staying relevant and ahead of our competition has always stood us apart. 



Version 5.5 has been released! UPDATES & ADDITIONS 11/28/2012

Mobile Devices & VCM:  Now use your mobile device (iPhone, Android, Windows) and tablets to not only access VCM but to access the camera and microphone. This lets you obtain “real-time” LIVE pictures, video, audio and directly upload them to VCM. We have added file extensions to assist with mobile uploads (.3gp, .3gpp, .asf, .dv, .f4v, .flv, and .m4v).

Drag & Drop Directly to Attachments:  Added ability to drag and drop files when attaching. You can attach files to cases, subjects, clients, staff…and more.

Claims Industry: The claims industry subject page, a.k.a. “claimant page” has been completely recreated. VCM can also customize your subject pg. with questions relevant to your business. Ability to track multi claims per “claimant”; along with a reserve sheet covering mandatory fields, such as, Net Expense Reserved, Net Legal Reserved…etc. Feedback from leaders in the Industry, into relative information needed was acquired along with beta testing taking place.

Computer Industry:  The "subject page", AKA "project page", went under modifications to provide a customized feel towards the computer/software industry. The subject page, a.k.a. the “Project Page” was also modified with various relative questions to assist the “Computer IT & Software Industry”. Contains fields such as, the type of project, computer names, IP’s, DNS’s, User Names, Passwords, Firewall/Router credentials…and more.



Version 5.1 has been released! UPDATES & ADDITIONS 12/07/2011

New Template Report (General Activity):  General Activity Report allows you to freely type within, along with providing formatting with an intuitive Word-like toolbar. The ability to: Bold, Italicize, Underline, Justify...etc.  You can also copy and paste from a Word document without losing you’re formatting.  * Automatic billing continues, whereas you can enter in the amount of hours and the report will bill and update the money report.  

Improved Employee Expense Report (EER): The Employee Expense Report (EER) tracks your internal costs and now it prints in a report style format; we also added filter functionality to assist with locating amounts owed to Staff/Vendors. You can filter by case numbers, dates, and individuals names, paid/unpaid…etc.; you can even see the total paid and the total due based on these filters.

Upload PNG Files: You can upload PNG files (Portable Network Graphics); a relatively new format for images. PNG was created to improve upon and replace GIF (Graphics Interchange Format), where many devices like IPhones, IPads, Droids and others are switching to.

Add Individual Clients: You can now add an individual client without having to first add a company. We added a new Icon to the “Add New User” within the Dashboard, called “Add an Individual Client”.

IM Chat Upgrade: The IM chat originally allowed only staff-to-client communication.  We have increased the ability to allow all client representatives from the “SAME COMPANY” to chat in a group setting.  This allows your staff and multi representatives from the same company to collaborate over cases.

New VCM Video Tutorials: New video tutorials are being released into the VCM application, within the menu bar under, “Video Tutorials”. Each video is short in nature, from 30 seconds to a maximum of two (2) minutes. 



VCM Version 5 has been released! UPDATES & ADDITIONS 08/16/2011

QuickBooks:  VCM-QB Sync now works with QuickBooks 2010 & 2011; compatible with QB Versions: 07, 08, 09, 10, and 11. VCM-QB Synch Utility has a newer release which you can download from the VCM support page.

Case Communication Section:  We added a “Case Communication Section” to each case. All communication within the case will be added to this section; so when a user sends case logs, attachments, or direct emails, that communication will be added to the “Case Communication” for easy tracking.  No more searching inbox, sent items, or deleted mailboxes!

Surveillance Template Report:  You now have the ability to add photos within the surveillance report; within each update section within the date, time, and description section. We added a “synopsis” section where you can enter a summary of the investigation. You also have the ability to add general data on your subjects with a click of a button; whereas VCM auto populates the subject page data.  This adds general info, e.g. name, description, address, place of employment, vehicle data…etc.  We also added a notary block, which can be made active or inactive with a click of a button.

Track Employee Expenses Automatically:  You now have the ability to run an administrative report called “Employee Expense Report” (EER); this can be run by name or all employees names; along with filters such as weekly, bi-monthly…etc. The process is automated in the backend, we are using the staff/vendors BANKING/FEE page to grab their hourly, flat rate, mileage, flat rates and commission. As you charge a customer for a service, you have the ability to associate that service with an employee’s cost.

Free Download with no CC Needed:  Download our FREE 30-Day trial with no credit card needed.

VCM New Web Site:  The new VCM Web Site has been launched; check back often to read our news updates with various “how-to” videos on features you might not be familiar with.



VCM Version 4.5a has been released!  UPDATES & ADDITIONS 08/16/2010

VCM Direct-Scan (update):  Access scanners, webcams, forensic microscopes…etc. Scan multi-pages, duplex (front/back) and color scanning directly into VCM.

Open & Close Case Checklist:  The Open & Closed checklist is now customizable with the ability to disable questions or add your own questions.

Choose the Users Name within Template Reports:  You can pick which users name you want assigned to a report when you have multiple people assigned to a case.



VCM Version 4.5 has been released! UPDATES & ADDITIONS 06/23/2010

Customizable Skins:  Change the look & feel & switch color themes.

International customers:  Country drop-downs now affect the correct states or providences to show. States included: USA, Canada, Australia, & UK…and more to come.



VCM Version 4.2 has been released! UPDATES & ADDITIONS 02/01/2010

Order-Link Request Form (URL provided):  Allows your clients to open cases; add the URL to your own web site (Online Order, Request Online…etc.) and save time having customers open cases.

Ability to Email Attached Documents:  You can now email attachments, 15MB max per email.

Request an Account Link:  We have added a “request an account” link to the login screen.



VCM Version 4.1a has been released! UPDATES & ADDITIONS 02/01/2010

Externally Email Case Information:  You can now externally email log updates, attachments & more to representatives, staff, & vendors.

Compatibility for Many Internet browsers:  VCM works with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, & Safari.



VCM Version 4.1 has been released! UPDATES & ADDITIONS 07/20/2010

Personalized URL & uploading of your custom logo:  Upload your own logo to show within the login screen and the application.

Forgot Password link:  VCM added a, “forgot password link” within the login screen to assist users when a password is forgotten; it will be reset and emailed to the email address associated with that user.



VCM Version 4.0 has been released! UPDATES & ADDITIONS 05/20/2009

Retainer Fee Section:  We added a retainer fee section where you can track total costs and current retainer balance. You also have the ability to reduce an invoice based on the retainer on file. This feature also works with our QuickBooks sync integration.

Video Tutorials into General Operations:  We have created video tutorials that are approximately 3-4 minutes in length providing short video tutorials into general operations, i.e. adding customers, cases, reports, invoices…etc.